Master Photography latest issues

September 23rd, 2015

We are pleased to make the September/October and July/August issues of Master Photography available to read free of charge on YUDU:

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Master Photography Awards seminar day – October 19th

August 28th, 2014



Master Photography May-June 2014

June 10th, 2014

The latest May/June issue of Master, having been seen by all our subscribers and members, is now available free to read here! The next edition of the new bi-monthly format magazine will reach members in the first week of July.

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Master Photography special showcase edition

April 10th, 2014

This magazine was the first in our new format, produced for the Photography Show and featuring a great selection of the year’s best images – and it is free to read.

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Master Photography February 2014

March 11th, 2014

The February issue of Master is slim but perfectly formed with a great article on the newly-recreated Petzval Portrait lens by Richard Kilpatrick with the help of Trevor Yerbury, and a superb still life portfolio shot by Aaron Ang in his flat using LED lights, but looking like the best studio work in the world.

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Master Dec/Jan issue on-line

February 4th, 2014

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On-line reader versions of Master magazines

December 12th, 2013

Following a period of difficulty getting the system to work reliably, we are back able to publish Master on YUDU and all the editions are free to read (you need Flash, so Android devices may be OK but iOS devices like iPad and iPhone can’t use this format).

We have just published the July/August, September, October and November editions on YUDU. Please visit!

YUDU Library


Free inkjet printer colour check from Marrutt

November 14th, 2013

A free, simple way to check the accuracy of your inkjet printer is being offered by Marrutt Digital to Master Photographers worldwide. Marrutt will post a free certified accurate colour print to you and you can download the same image from  to produce your own comparison print, to check for colour, density and neutral tones.

For your free colour check print, email with the words “colour checker print” in the Subject and give your full postal address.  Marrutt will send the print to you anywhere in the world by return.

For those whose printers are shown to be inaccurate, Marrutt will provide a Free custom printer profile when you buy any Marrutt Professional Photographic Inkjet Paper from their website

“In addition, we will carry out a  six-monthly colour check free of charge for regular Marrutt customers to ensure their inkjet printer is producing accurate colour over time,” said John Read, Marrutt MD.


The Marrutt free colour check print, which is posted to photographers. You can download the original file by clicking on this image.


Master Photography Awards 2013 programme

October 9th, 2013

Here is the latest revised programme for the Awards on October 20th 2013, with a new £25 ticket for the full day without lunch or refreshments included:

Awards Spread Oct 2013


Nikon 1 system makes a splash!

September 19th, 2013

How many outlets will use that original headline, I wonder, and what inspiration leads to it…


Today, Nikon released the world’s first interchangeable lens digital camera – if you ignore the military version of the Nikonos RS underwater SLR produced with Kodak. Unlike that specialised system, the AW1 is intended for the consumer and is extremely affordable. Available in black, white or silver metal finish for £749 with standard 11mm-27.5mm F3.5-5.6 Zoom lens (equivalent, in 35mm terms, to 30mm to 74mm) which is rated for 15m submersion, or £949 with the 10mm F2.8 and the zoom, with the 10mm supporting 20m submersion.


Part of NIkon’s 1-series, the AW1 sports the hybrid AF 14Mp sensor, high-speed shooting (now 15fps with continuous AF) and good high ISO abilities that defined the CX-mount family from the start, with some enhancements inherited from newer models and ideal for underwater use. First, though, let’s look at the mount that makes the AW1 so unique.

It’s very similar, in concept, to the Nikonos RS mount, but reversed. Even the familiar grease to maintain the seals is included. Naturally, changing the lenses underwater is not possible, as the sensor and electronics are exposed.

As a member of the CX-mount family, the AW1’s physical lens mount and registration is unchanged, but the body includes a greater protrusion for the flange with a rubber gasket. On the new underwater lenses, the mount is recessed, with the extension of the barrel including a silicone liner. Mounting the underwater lenses is satisfyingly difficult, making it clear that this is sealing to back up the claims of 15m submersion.


Aiding the underwater experience, the 11mm-27.5mm zoom has a grippy metal zoom collar for most of the barrel, and the AW1 uses an innovative ‘press and tilt’ mode selection – simply hold the mode button, and a virtual pendulum


hangs on the LCD to indicate the mode. Tilt the camera body clockwise or vice-versa and it indicates one of the automatic modes for video, creative shooting etc. and selects it without any need for additional buttons or hands. This also eradicates the issue with the early Nikon 1, where the mode wheel could be knocked into a new shooting mode when extracting it from a bag or pocket.

An underwater 10mm prime lens has also been introduced, which can be submerged to 20m.



The AW1 does not make existing CX mount lenses suitable for use underwater, and the underwater lenses will not mount on existing CX bodies such as the V2. Yet the flexibility of the system does allow F-mount lenses via the adaptor, so opting for the AW1 really gives very little away in overall ability.

Other technical improvements include GPS/GLONASS support with compass, depth and altitude meters, shockproof from 2m capability, and an underwater Speedlight (the SB-N10) will also be introduced, though the camera’s own pop up flash can be used underwater.


We had the opportunity to try a pre-production sample for water, drop resistance and handling, though not photography for publication as the firmware is yet to be finalised, with the camera release date set for 10th October. The silver metal body was particularly attractive, and it seems that at this point, this is where the Nikon 1 system and the CX mount come into their own – offering something truly unique, with a form factor and range of abilities that suits the intended user perfectly.